We only have eyes for yours.
We only have eyes for yours.

About us

Our eyes provide maximum performance for good vision day by day. Our team at the Leipzig Eye and Laser Centre would like to assist you in preserving this performance for as long as possible or to help restore it.

You will be delighted with finally being able to see perfectly without glasses or contact lenses again right after waking up. The Eye and Laser Centre is your competent specialist for modern ophthalmology and laser eye surgery in Leipzig. At our clinic we will not only provide you with everything necessary for your eye surgery, but we will also accompany you through all the stages related with it, including the pre-examination, medical treatment and follow-up checkups.

Dr. Kiraly and his employees will thoroughly discuss your situation with you and will find a custom-tailored solution for your individual needs.

Good eyesight without glasses or contact lenses right after waking up.

5 Reasons we’re the best choice for you

  • Your Surgeon Dr. Kiraly is always on-site for you.
  • As a member of the Smile Eyes Clinic-Group we can rely on our experience of 7.000 Relex-Smile surgeries since 2007 as well as the expertise of the inventor of the RELEX-Smile-Method, Prof. Waler Sekundo. With this 3rd generation eye laser technology we are the ZEISS Reference Center.
  • The Eye and Laser Center in Leipzig has been certified ISO 9001 by TÜV-Süd and employs a qualified staff.
  • The Eye and Laser Center in Leipzig was the first clinic in East-Germany to offer the LENSAR-Femtosekunden-Laser technology. Using this technology, it has perfomed over 1000 successful lens-operations since 2014.
  • Dr. Kiraly is the only East-German eye specialist who belongs to the Visian-ICL expert panel.

Our patients’ opinions

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The team of doctors – Leipzig city centre

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Dr. med. Laszlo Kiraly (MD)


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KRC certificate

Dr. Kiraly is the first resident ophthalmologist in Leipzig who is certified for LASIK, PRK, clear lens exchange and phakic IOL by the panel for refractive surgery (KRC), which is the only panel of the professional association of ophthalmologists of Germany to address the broad topic of LASIK, laser eye surgery and lens surgery. It develops guidelines and provides comprehensive information on methods of treatment. Furthermore, it publishes the user list for laser eye surgery.

Click here to download the lists: http://www.augeninfo.de/krc/anw_p.pdf
For more information, please visit the KRC homepage.

DOG certificate

The German ophthalmologic association (DOG) and the professional association of ophthalmologists of Germany (BVA) for the implementation of specific plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic ophthalmological surgery


TÜV certificate

The Leipzig Eye and Laser Centre is certified according to the high standard of ISO 9001. The certification is implemented by the renowned German Technical Inspection Association TÜV-Süd. The TÜV-Süd certification according to the international standard ISO 9001 ensures the high quality of all processes and their proper review. Click here to read more about TÜV-Süd. We explicitly point out that there are many TÜV certificates, so please heed the certification according to ISO 9001.

The difference

We make a difference! We are dedicated to providing you competent consultation in the broad field of ophthalmology and methods of treatment. It is our desire and passion to help you find the ideal solution for your distinct requests and requirements.