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ReLEx smile

ReLEx smile

The gentle laser eye treatment

This is a minimally invasive and gentle laser eye treatment. As opposed to LASIK, no flap is created. Instead, the ametropia is treated through a 3-dimensional incision inside the cornea. Only a tiny incision of 2 mm is necessary here, compared to the LASIK method, which requires an incision of 20 mm.

  • This leads to an increased corneal stability and makes laser eye treatments even safer.
  • Since the surface remains virtually intact, ReLEx does not cause dry eyes, a typical side effect to LASIK.
  • This is the ideal treatment for patients with dry eyes or intolerances to contact lenses.

ReLEx smile - advantages

  • cirka 80% weniger Laser-Randschnitt (side-cut)
  • circa 30 % weniger Laser-Schnittfläche 
  • ohne Flap - d.h. keine Flapkomplikationen- wie Flap-Abriss
  • minimal-invasiv
  • schonend
  • sicherer als Femto-LASIK
  • auch bei trockenem Auge möglich
  • höchstpräzise auch bei hoher Kurzsichtigkeit
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