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How can I find a good ophthalmologist?

Dr. Peter Heinz (MD), ophthalmologist and board member of the professional association of ophthalmologists of Germany (BVA), explains in the German TV programme Frontal21 (by TV channel ZDF) what to heed when looking for a good doctor. Dr. Kiraly (MD) of the Leipzig eye and laser centre is the first resident ophthalmologist in Leipzig who is listed on the KRC user list.

In this interview, Dr. Peter Heinz refers to the user lists by the panel for refractive surgery— short: KRC.

Click here to see a summary of doctors who meet the KRC requirements and comply with the policy:

Hundredfold cloudings

The TV programme FAKT (by German TV channel ARD) covers intraocular lenses and possible issues connected with cataract surgery - a routine operation performed a hundredthousandfold in Germany and in our laser centre. The report is about opaque intraocular lenses. Click here to watch the report.

Hints and advice

An estimated 100,000 people undergo laser eye surgery every year in Germany to recover the eyes' dioptic power in order to make glasses redundant.

Click here to read more.

Laser eye surgery dangers

"Laser eye surgery dangers - returns instead of medicine" is the ARD programme Panorama's headline for their article on laser eye surgery. Informative article on laser eye surgery by LASIK. Click here to watch the report on the ARD website. You will also find useful information there. Dr. Kiraly is listed on the user list by the panel for refractive surgery KRC.

ICL Award International

Dr. Kiraly gains international award. Dr. Kiraly got awarded as the only German ophthalmologist in the context of the international ICL meeting. Ophthalmologists from all over the world gather at this international meeting to share and present their experiences with ICL (implantable contact lens). Among other things, Dr. Kiraly evaluated the results for the German study group and gave multiple lectures. He now received the renowned international ICL Award in Milan - a great honour, since he had received the national ICL Award in Hamburg already.

Dr. Kiraly gains international award

In the context of an Association of Cataract and Refractive Surgery congress, Dr. Kiraly receives a valuation for his contributions to the surgical treatment of presbyopia on 22 March 2013 in Budapest, Hungary — a topic whose importance is increasing steadily. Here it is about the differentiation of approved and experimental methods.

Wavefront measurements with iDesign

iDesign is currently the most modern instrument for the analysis of your eyes worldwide. Ametropia is not only myopia, hyperopia and astigmatisms but also cornea unevenness. All of the human eye’s values are precisely determined by the aberrometer iDesign with a total of 1,250 morphometric measuring points. Your data is then used to create a 3-dimensional map, which is as unique as a genetic fingerprint. This means that this measurement leads to a significant reduction of corneal unevenness, which creates higher-level imaging errors and which can only be compensated by iLASIK.

The automatic iris recognition in iDesign ensures absolute security and precision during the laser treatment under the excimer laser as the laser is only activated when your iris is successfully recognised and the data matched with the wavefront aberrometer reference.

Laser eye surgery guide

Click on to read an expert interview with Dr. Kiraly on the platform Dr. Kiraly has given several interviews and written many articles on the topic of LASIK. Click on the links to read examples on or Aachener Zeitung.

Topmodel Sara Kulka

The popular model from the PRO7 Sendung Germany’s next TOP-Model has undergone a laser eye treatment here at the Leipzig eye and laser centre. A dream came true for Sara Kulka, who can now model without glasses or contacts. She was able to see properly on the first day after the surgery already.

Read more on and LVZ-online. We also keep our fingers crossed for her appearance at the German TV show RTL Sendung „Wild Girls“ — luckily and finally without glasses or lenses.

Premiering in Eastern Germany


The Leipzig eye and laser centre offers femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery

The innovative LensAR system was initially applied in Kiel, Germany and is now introduced in Leipzig — the first and only Eastern German application site. Dr. Kiraly, head of the Leipzig eye and laser centre, thereby makes it possible for his patients to receive innovative cataract treatment by means of laser.

The Leipzig eye and laser centre's new surgery wing was inaugurated on Friday, 23 May 2014. On this occasion, Dr. Kiraly briefly presented another new cataract treatment technique. He spoke on his work with the LensAR system and illustrated it with an acrylic cube. Dr. Kiraly has applied the femtosecond laser in corneal surgery since 2007, but this development is a complete revolution of the technology. The advantages do not only include the improvement of the lens implantation technique, but also the ability to smoothen astigmatisms by means of laser in a whole new premium quality.

"The computer-controlled femtosecond laser cuts a circular opening into the capsular membrane in order to break the clouded lens precisely into tiny pieces. This precision cannot be achieved by hand," he states enthusiastically. The surgery is conducted ambulatory and only requires a minor sedation by eyedrops. The patients only notice a light pressure on their eye and have better and more brilliant eyesight already on the day after the surgery. Especially with later-stage cataracts, this method is considerably more effective.  The first and promising operations were conducted the week before. The patients reported on smooth and quick healing as well as unclouded eyesight.

The results were also subject of conversation at the subsequent soiree. The guests were able to talk to each other and the doctors in a relaxed atmosphere — an inspiring and interesting time, everybody agreed.

In Germany, about 600,000 cataract operations are conducted each year. This figure already indicates that cataract surgery belongs to the most common operations worldwide. That makes the laser-assisted treatment a real revolution in the field of cataract surgery.

So far, this treatment method is not subsidised by health insurance companies. The cataract treatment at the Leipzig eye and laser centre with this new technology costs 1,500 € per eye.


Dr. Kiraly has been a practising doctor since 2011. Among other awards, he received the renowned ICL Award in the context of the international ophthalmologist meeting for implantable contact lenses as the only German ophthalmologist. He is a member of numerous ophthalmologic associations and organizations. In 2012, he founded the Augen- und Laserzentrum Leipzig. He gives technical lectures and is also a lecturer in the KRC professional panel of the professional association of ophthalmologists of Germany.


The Leipzig eye and laser centre was founded in April 2012 by Dr. Kiraly. It is situated right in the heart of the city of Leipzig. The clinic is specialised on the laser technology for the treatment of eye conditions (LASIK). At the end of May, the clinic's premises will be extended from 2 storeys to 3.

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