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Oculoplastic surgery

We offer the full range of oculoplastic surgery treatments:

  • aesthetic and functional blepharoplasty (treatment of dermatochalasis)
  • correction of abnormal eyelid positions:
    • Ectropion - the supination of the eyelid and protruding from the eye
    • Entropion - pronation of the eyelid towards the eye and attrition caused by the eyelashes
    • Ptosis of the eyelid and brow - the drooping of the entire eyelid or eyebrow
  • Operation of chalazions and eyelid tumors:
    • Chalazion (meibomian gland lipogranuloma) - a usually painless inflammation of the eyelid sebaceous gland
    • Malignant tumors - such as papilloma, fibroma, xantelasma
    • malignant tumors - such as basalioma, squamous cell carcinoma

The eyelids’ features - their position, contour and skin condition - fundamentally contribute to the facial expression.

Each surgical procedure in this area is made with regard to the respective function and in consideration of the uppermost aesthetical requirements.

The German ophthalmologic association (DOG) and the professional association of ophthalmologists of Germany (BVA) certificates for the conduction of special plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic ophthalmological surgery confirms the special skills in this area.

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