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(0341) 355 66 444
(0341) 355 66 444
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Welcome to your life without glasses or lenses.

Laser eye surgery restores good eyesight: An operation by Dr. Kiraly will rid you of glasses and contact lenses

Your poor eyesight will be treated by state-of-the-art technologies

Dr. Kiraly is your specialist at the Augen- und Laserzentrum Leipzig (Leipzig Eye and Laser Centre)

Regain perfect eyesight by the LASIK surgery method

Rid yourself of lenses and save up to 17,987 €!

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Make an online appointment for the center "Alte Börse" or "Airport Munich" for an preliminary investigation for laser- or lens surgery

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The team of doctors

The clinic’s ophthalmologist in charge
Specialist for all laser eye surgery methods

Specialist for eyelid surgery and laser cataract surgery
Specialist for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery certified by the professional association of ophthalmologists of Germany (BVA)

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