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The gentle laser eye treatment

SMILE pro is a gentle, minimally invasive eye laser procedure. The SMILE method was developed by the Smile Eyes ophthalmologists in cooperation with the renowned German company ZEISS. The latest femtosecond laser called VISUMAX® 800 is used here. This laser is faster than the generations before it and shortens the laser time to a minimum. It takes less than 10 seconds to form the corneal lenticule and is precise and gentler on the tissue than before. Further advantages at a glance:

  • The SMILE pro method leads to increased stability of the cornea, making laser eye surgery even safer.
  • Since the surface now remains almost intact, the SMILE pro does not cause the dry eyes typical of LASIK, making the treatment ideal for patients with dry eyes or contact lens intolerance.
  • Smart robotic assistance that checks movements and rotations of the eye during the procedure.
  • The laser arm is freely movable. This gives our eye surgeons maximum flexibility and our patients more comfort during the operation.
  • The fast performance and high precision of the laser make the operation gentler on the tissue and safer than when using other laser systems.

As Smile Eyes Eyes + Laser Center Leipzig, we are pleased to be able to offer our patients the SMILE pro laser procedure with the VISUMAX® 800.



SMILE pro - advantages

  • Gentle, quick, safe and absolutely painless procedure with extremely quick healing
  • Sports, driving and working are possible again the next day
  • Suitable for athletes who practice contact sports
  • The structure and stability of your cornea are preserved
  • also possible for dry eyes and thin cornea
  • extremely precise even with high myopia
  • safer than Femto-LASIK
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