Without glasses thanks to eye laser.
Without glasses thanks to eye laser.

Laser surgery at ease

You wish for perfect eyesight, but want to get rid of glasses or contact lenses? We can make your wish come true: The Leipzig Eye and Laser Centre is able to offer you a variety of possibilities to improve your eyesight. There are two general methods of treatment:

  • The recovery of ametropia through different LASIK methods
  • The recovery of ametropia through lens surgery

ReLEx smile -
3rd Generation Laser Eye Surgery

ReLEx smile

ReLEx smile allows a gentle Laser Eye Surgery: after an especially short operation you can already enjoy your new sight the next day!

"smile" in ReLEx smile stands for "smart incision lenticule extraction". It is a third generation eye laser treatment, which is perfect for nearsighted patients. We are the only Eye Center in Central Germany to offer the iLASIK with iDesign andReLEx Smile. This enables us to offer a personalized and optimal treatment for each of our patients.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more detailed information about this treatment. Dr. Kiraly and his Team are (the) Eye Surgery Specialists.

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The iLasik treatment is an ALL-laser treatment during which your eye will exclusively be treated with laser light. As opposed to the standard LASIK method, no blade is needed to create the flap, which is the reason it is also called the “gentle” LASIK method. The i stands for individual. And did you know that we are the only clinic in Leipzig offering iLasik with its new iDesign since 2012!

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The femto LASIK method is a highly precise treatment method which is much more gentle on your eye. This surgery method only takes half a minute per eye on average and is usually not even noted by the patient.

This treatment method is also ideal for patients whose cornea is not thick enough for other laser eye surgery methods.

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Standard LASIK is also often referred to as “LASIK”. It is a treatment method that has been applied for 20 years. With this method, a microkeratome (knife sharp as a razor blade) is used. Since 2007, this method has been gradually replaced by other laser procedures such as the femtosecond laser technology. At the present, there are no institutions, however, that offer keratome LASIK exclusively. We will gladly provide you with information on this topic!

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Lens surgery

If you cannot be treated by laser eye surgery or your cornea is too thin or diseased, your ametropia is too strong or your natural lens impaired, there are still several methods to regain good eyesight and rid yourself of glasses. These methods include surgery by means of:

  • implantable contact lenses Visian ICL,
  • multifocal lenses,
  • and Kamra inlay.

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