Without glasses thanks to eye laser.
Without glasses thanks to eye laser.

ReLEx smile

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ReLEx smile - the gentle laser eye treatment

This is a minimally invasive and gentle laser eye treatment. As opposed to LASIK, no flap is created. Instead, the ametropia is treated through a 3-dimensional incision inside the cornea. Only a tiny incision of 2 mm is necessary here, compared to the LASIK method, which requires an incision of 20 mm.

This leads to an increased corneal stability and makes laser eye treatments even safer.

Since the surface remains virtually intact, ReLEx does not cause dry eyes, a typical side effect to LASIK.

This is the ideal treatment for patients with dry eyes or intolerances to contact lenses.

ReLEx smile image video

ReLEx smile - advantages

  • about 80% less laser side cut
  • about 30% less laser cut surface
  • no flap — i. e. no flap-related complications like a flap avulsion
  • minimally invasive
  • gently
  • safer than Femto-LASIK
  • suitable also for patients with dry eyes
  • extremely precise even at strong myopia